7 de octubre de 2012

[1988] Ah, Lev Ivanovich, Lev Ivanovich!

The film is dedicated to the 60 anniversary of Lev Yashin. The film was filming the following: the arrival in Moscow for the football match stars of world football festival at the stadium Dinamo , devoted to the 60 th anniversary of Lev Yashin with E. Evtushenko, I. Neto, N. Simonian, fragments of a football game interview with foreign athletes (synchronously). Personnel chronicles, in which the sealed parts of football matches involving L. Yashin.

Producer: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director: Zababurin V.
Camera-man: Dvoynikov I., Zababurin V., Frolenko V.
Script writer: Panasyuk V.
Announcer: Durov L.

Part 01

Part 02