29 de agosto de 2009

El primer Campeón (1960)

Soviet Union - the first champion

After tireless efforts, on September 29, 1958 qualifying round of the award was officially opened at Moscow (Russia). 100,572 CDV opening day had been in Lenin Stadium Tsentralni to monitor the match between USSR and Hungary. Anatoli Ilyin became the first player to score in the history of the tournament with a mix up in the 4th minute. Final results of the Soviet Union beat Hungary to Write ratio: 4-1.

After eight weekly auction of travel and on one, Portugal, Yugoslavia, France, Austria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Spain and the Soviet Union won the right to the quarterfinals. But then trouble happened with the top-level Spanish - about the Soviet Union when the ruling Spanish team refused to compete against rival Soviet Union.

Soviet Union - the first champion of Euro Cup 1960

As a result, Spain was seen as the team withdrew and Lev Yashin is the straight semi-final round. Next, team France, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia also turn to win tickets to the quarterfinal round.

At the semi-finals to be held in Marseille (1960), the Soviet Union continued to show remarkable strength when defeated Czechoslovakia (3-0) with a single double of Valentin Ivanov. Meanwhile, the French landlords lie before Yugoslavia fell after a pursuit display choking with 5-4 scores.

Entering the finals, with the talented goalkeeper nicknamed "Black Spider" Lev Yashin, Soviet Union continued to compete elation. Although Milan Galić early and score for Yugoslavia (first half) but the exact mix of Viktor end Ponedelnik then put two more teams to compete aet.

Lev Yashin - the monument of football USSR (former)

AET is the time to complete the single Soviet spectacular wading upstream with the first phase review of Viktor Ponedelnik. And the Soviet team became the first champion of Europe.

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